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    Hentai is better than porn, and I can point out multiple reasons on why my statement is a solid fact. Firstly, hentai allows for people to escape the boundaries of normal porn, as they are not bound by any physical, psychological, or plain impossible limitations that normal porn has due to being filmed in the real world. Hentai, on the other hand, is not bound by anything, as it is either drawn or animated. This allows for the absolute creativity for hentai artists to be able to have when crafting their works in order to pleasure another person. Secondly, hentai is able to have better stories. In normal porn, you have all the same types of stories, such as incest. And, most porn actors are just plain shitty. Hentai (more notably doujinshi) is able to surpass this through the fact that there is no need for acting from anybody for them, meaning that the scenes in them are perfect and immersive. Thirdly, hentai requires mental gymnastics. In porn, you’re imagining in the third dimension, which is too weak as we are already living in the third dimension. In hentai, you are thinking in the second, making it harder to put yourself in one of the characters shoes, and thereby requiring more mental strength in order to get off to. And, finally, hentai is art. All porn is is just a bunch of fake ass acting with some random guy holding a camera to film them. Hentai artists, on the other hand, require years and years to get good at art, and each single frame (or panel, depending on whether it is animated or not) is hand drawn, which involves way more effort to do than simply filming people in the act. Due to all of these points, with hentai not being bound by real life limitations, having better, more creative stories, requiring mental gymnastics to get off to, and requiring more effort and literally being art, I can now conclude that hentai is better than porn.